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At Fleet Management Services, we offer Diesel Particulate Filter Services as a part of our medium-duty fleet vehicle services. We have the experience, skill, technology, and ability needed to properly clean and maintain the DPF(s) within your fleet. And, in the worst case, we can replace DPFs if needed.


Save Time

Sure, this is obvious, but it’s an immense benefit. When you’re working with us for your fleet management needs, we can efficiently and effectively take care of your auto body needs. From minor repairs and customization to detailing and more, we can get your vehicles in, out, and back on the road again.

Save Money

While this may not be as evident as the point above, by partnering with our expert team, you can expect to save money on auto body work. We remove the middleman — or in other words, we make sure the job is done right the first time. Don’t waste money trying to find a random mechanic to take care of your vehicles, and don’t waste money trying to complete auto body work yourself — let us take care of you!

Top Quality Vehicle Cosmetics

The look and presentation of your fleet and employees are important to maintaining a good reputation, like it or not. From dents and dings to chipped and scratched paint, these tiny details can negatively reflect your business if they’re not taken care...

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When you’re looking for a vehicle, there are so many options that it can make the process overwhelming and stressful. At Fleet Management Services, we want to do what we can to make vehicle management and ownership easier for everyone. So in today’s blog, we’re going to share some benefits associated with buying used fleet vehicles to give you some insight into these great vehicles.

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Hello and welcome to the official Fleet Management Services blog! In this very first blog post, we’re going to spend some time talking a bit about who we are and what it is we offer owners of fleet vehicles in Commerce City, Colorado and the surrounding areas.

Keep reading this blog to learn some information about who we are as a company and the variety of essential fleet management services we offer. And if you’re in need of automotive services for your fleet vehicles, or you’re in the market to expand (or start) your fleet, head over to our website to reach out and get started.