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Welcome To The Fleet Management Services Blog

Hello and welcome to the official Fleet Management Services blog! In this very first blog post, we’re going to spend some time talking a bit about who we are and what it is we offer owners of fleet vehicles in Commerce City, Colorado and the surrounding areas.

Keep reading this blog to learn some information about who we are as a company and the variety of essential fleet management services we offer. And if you’re in need of automotive services for your fleet vehicles, or you’re in the market to expand (or start) your fleet, head over to our website to reach out and get started.


Who We Are

At Fleet Management Services, it’s all in the name! We specialize in all things fleet vehicle management, and have made it our mission to create Colorado’s one-stop-shop for all your fleet management needs. From knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient technicians who make automobile maintenance and servicing quick and easy to experienced fleet vehicle salesmen who focus more on getting you the perfect vehicle(s) for your business than getting a sale, Fleet Management Services works tirelessly to ensure that our services are stress-free, helpful, and accessible for Colorado business owners.

At the end of the day, we’re a local business who takes great pride in offering an array of services that enables our business community to optimize the services they offer and get the most out of their vehicle fleet. No matter if you’re a landscaping company, food delivery service, or any other business that utilizes fleet vehicles in Colorado, we’re here to take care of you.

What We Do

While we already scratched the surface of what services we offer you and your fleet vehicles in Colorado, we think that it’s important to deep dive so you can have a complete understanding of what we can offer you. As we mentioned above, the main categories of fleet vehicle services we offer are our maintenance and repair services and our fleet vehicle sale services. Let’s take a look at some of the specifics of each.

Maintenance And Repair Services

The bulk of the services we offer revolve around properly maintaining your fleet and the vehicles in it. To do this, we offer full-spectrum automotive services for both light and medium duty fleet vehicles, as well as towing and roadside assistance services for our clients.

When it comes to our automotive services, we start simple while also making certain to offer all of the peripheral services you may want or need. For instance, we can entirely manage your fleet’s maintenance schedule — conducting oil changes, alignments, heating and cooling repair, engine and transmission maintenance, and so much more! But, we don’t stop at the bare essentials, if you need accessories sourced and installed we can do that too! And this is just the beginning. We promise, if there is an automotive service that you need for your light- and medium-duty fleet vehicles, we offer it.

While many of our automotive services take place in the garage, we also make sure to offer reliable roadside assistance and towing services. Again, we want to ensure that you don’t need to go anywhere else for your fleet vehicle needs. From flat repair and replacement, to winching services, storage services, and lockout assistance services, you can always rest assured that help is reliable and close by.

Check out more details about our services by following the links below:

Fleet Vehicle Sales

Finally, we offer fleet vehicle sales to ensure that you can build a fleet that meets your business’ needs. We only source the best-quality vehicles, and when it comes to our salesmen, they’re not pushy, but instead accommodating and interested in meeting your needs.

To shop our current selection of vehicles for sale, follow the links below:

Fleet Management Services

If you own a fleet (or are considering building one) in Colorado, make sure you’re working with the most-reliable company in the state, if not the country. We hope that this blog has helped inform you about how we can help make your life easier and your business more efficient! And if you’d like to learn more or get started working with us, please contact us today!

Thank you!