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Fleet Management Services, Inc. is proud to launch our brand new body shop business to keep your collection of vehicles in the best shape possible. We’ll help you maintain an image of professionalism and class, from any bodywork and fleet paint upkeep to deeper structural, mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic maintenance. Our commercial fleet body shop doesn’t subcontract any maintenance to other companies, so you can get high-quality results fast!

Our team of fleet body shop technicians is focused entirely on improving the exterior of your commercial vehicles, giving our customers the attention they deserve. This section of Fleet Management Services, Inc is dedicated entirely to operating a reliable body shop you can feel comfortable visiting time and time again. Whether our customers represent a leasing company, fleet management company, or insurance company, our commercial fleet body shop can help you with no problem!

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Types Of Vehicles Our Fleet Body Shop Cares For:

  • Light-duty

    • Pickup trucks, minivans, passenger vans, and SUVs

  • Medium-duty

    • Several common types of garbage trucks and beverage vehicles

  • 26-Ft. Box Trucks, Up to 46-Feet in Length

Our Fleet Management Services, Inc. commercial fleet body shop is capable of servicing a wide array of vehicles to keep them in mint condition. Let us take care of all your maintenance needs so you can continue to impress clients with gorgeous fleet paint jobs.

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Inside Our Premiere Fleet Paint Booth

If the exterior of your professional vehicles is in need of urgent attention, we invite you to check out our commercial fleet body shop — one of the Front Range’s largest paint booths. Our Denver and Denver Metropolitan Area clients are treated to five-star, timely paint jobs whenever needed.

Fleet Management Services’ dedicated technicians all use advanced spectrophotometers to detect your vehicle’s exact paint color, so we can create just the right color to match. The right color and tone is then mixed right in our in-house mixing banks, so we can apply the new fleet paint in no time at all. No matter what color scheme your company uses, no matter how dynamic our logos or vehicle exteriors are, we can customize the paint mix to replicate it perfectly.

Once the right color is achieved, we’ll re-paint your commercial fleet and make it look brand new. We know how important it is to make sure your brand is being presented in the best possible way!

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Invest In High-Quality Panel Repair

It’s not enough for your commercial fleet’s paint to look flawless; it also needs to be free of any eyesores that can damage your brand's reputation. At Fleet Management Services, we are proud to offer panel repair to all our clients, in order to preserve their reputation and to increase the lifespan of their service vehicles. Our technicians are more than capable of fixing any sort of body damage, including:

  • Minor dents & dings
  • Minor damage from fender-benders and curbs
  • Weather-related damages
  • Any obvious signs of accidents or collisions

Let Us Fix Any Damage!

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