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At Fleet Management Services, we offer Diesel Particulate Filter Services as a part of our medium-duty fleet vehicle services. We have the experience, skill, technology, and ability needed to properly clean and maintain the DPF(s) within your fleet. And, in the worst case, we can replace DPFs if needed. Keep reading to learn more about our DPF services and contact us today to get started.

*DPF Cleaning is not available for light-duty vehicles


We can service medium-duty diesel vehicles from the following makes:

  • Cummins

  • Duramax

  • Ford

  • Hino

  • International

  • Isuzu

  • Mercedes

  • Sterling

  • And more!

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Optimize the Performance of Your Vehicles with DPF Cleaning Services

Unlike other vehicles, the DPFs found in diesel vehicles require specific cleaning and maintenance routines to keep your vehicle operating at its best. DPFs simply filter out the soot, ash, and contaminants that are cycling through the engine’s exhaust system. Thus, with regular use, these filters are going to get dirty and clogged, which ultimately affects the performance of your vehicle — from fuel economy and overall operation to the amount of regens you need to perform.

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When servicing your vehicles at Fleet Management Services, we work efficiently and thoroughly to ensure your vehicles are maintained on-schedule, and in a way that prevents any issues on the road. As we work to clean your DPF, we’ll be on the lookout for any issues that we can address and fix. From replacing DPF gaskets and the Sensor Bosses we’ll work with during the cleaning to even replacing aftermarket or stock DPFs, we can cover any DPF related needs that may arise.


Don’t let your diesel fleet vehicles get slowed down or held up by poor performance or a clogged DPF. When you need fleet vehicle servicing for medium-duty vehicles, you need not look further than Fleet Management Services, heck, it’s in our name!

If you’d like to learn more about our DPF cleaning and servicing or you’re ready to get started with our team, don’t hesitate — contact us today!

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