Building Your Fleet

With Fleet Management Services And Maintenance Programs

Build And Manage Your Fleet Of Vehicles

Vehicle fleets are absolutely essential to a wide variety of industries in Colorado. No matter the work you’re doing, when you own a fleet, you want to be positive that all your vehicles are in working order, are compatible with your fleet systems, and represent the quality of your business and services.

To do this, it’s imperative to seek the help of fleet vehicle experts at Fleet Management Services based in Commerce City, Colorado. We provide the services you need to keep your fleet in top shape, and we also offer a variety of fleet vehicles for sale, so you can build your fleet to meet your businesses needs.


Standard $39.00 / month*

Dealership Liaison- Allow us to use years of expertise and Fleet Management when it comes to warranty repairs of manufacturer recalls. We will schedule, deliver, remain in contact with and then return your vehicle from the dealership.

No Cost Oil Changes- Maximum one oil change per covered unit per month. We use a synthetic blend high quality oil, any special oil or more than 6 quarts may cost extra.

No Cost Basic Tire Repairs-Tire repairs done at our facility that can be repaired using an external plug are of no charge regardless of where you purchased the tires. Tires requiring enhanced repair (removing tire from wheel, remounting and rebalancing) may incur extra charge.

Preferred Customer Pricing- As long as you maintain an average of 10 vehicles per month on our program you will receive an additional 10% off parts and labor, with the exception of glass, tires, tows and sublet repairs. Courtesy Multi-Point-120 point courtesy inspection when onboarding any vehicle into the program.

Standard + GPS $49.00 / month*           All of Features listed above plus:

GPS Fleet Maintenance Program- Our staff will install a small GPS unit inside your vehicle that will allow us to notify you and your team when your maintenance is due. No more mileage tracking, no more asking drivers…all automatic. The system will also alert our staff to vehicle issues as soon as they occur such as check engine lights, or low battery warnings.

GPS Tracking / Customer Portal- Your staff will be provided access to an online GPS portal which will then provide access to a multitude of features. Items such as geofencing, speed limit exceeded warnings, closest unit to an address dispatching, etc. The only way to see the features in full is a demo.

Discounted Diagnostic Services / No Charge Basic Scan- Since the GPS tool is constantly monitoring the onboard computer of your vehicle we will no longer need to charge for vehicle scans when the vehicle is in our facility. Enhanced diagnostic procedures may be required to access such components as ABS, transmission or other modules that may incur additional diagnostic costs.

Enhanced $69.00 / month *                ALL OF FEATURES LISTED ABOVE PLUS:

Free Basic Metro Area Roadside Assistance- Run out of gas? Need a jump start? Need your spare installed ? Lock your keys in the car? We’ve got you covered! Afterhours or outside metro area will incur small upcharge fee.

Open Bay Priority- As soon as an open bay and tech become available your vehicle will make it inside. No need to schedule an appointment.

Towing Discounts- No hook up charge whenever we tow your covered vehicle. Can save between $100-$200 depending on the type of vehicle. Does not apply to tows from accident/recovery scenes or tows outside the metro area.

No Cost Annual DOT or Multi-Point Inspection- Every year we will perform a complete inspection of your covered vehicle. The inspection will qualify and be certified as a DOT for applicable vehicles.

*Prices are billed in advance and on a per month per vehicle basis. Minimum fleet size requirements. NO CONTRACT REQUIRED! NO UFRONT GPS EQUIPMENT CHARGES! We do require you to return the equipment if you cancel, equipment not returned is subject to charge.

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