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Light Duty

Better Control Of Your Fleet Repair Costs

With a fleet of vehicles, it can be difficult to determine when an issue will arise, which is why vehicle repair and maintenance are key to keeping your fleet on the road, longer.

When a vehicle is out of commission, it’s costly and inconvenient to your company — the sooner your vehicles and drivers can get back on the road, the better it is for your bottom line.

Light duty fleet vehicle services help prevent major repairs to keep your repair costs at a minimum.

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Fleet of Cars

Light Duty Maintenance & Repair Services

  • Alignments

  • Tires

  • Oil Change & Filter

  • Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Brakes & ABS

  • Transmission

Fleet Management Services, Inc. provides comprehensive light duty maintenance and repair services. Additionally from what’s listed above we also cover accessory sales and installation, factory scheduled maintenance, engine work, hybrid services, diagnostic, exhaust and muffler, windshields, cooling systems, and more.

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Classifying Light Duty Vehicles

Fleet Management Services, Inc. services a wide range of fleet vehicles, including those that are classified as light duty.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) distinguishes light duty vehicles as passenger cars and light trucks which include pickup trucks, minivans, passenger vans, and SUVs — any vehicle under 8,500 lbs.

Used in many commercial fleets, light duty vehicles are used to transport people rather than goods and equipment like semi-trucks often do.

From light duty small fleets to large fleets, Fleet Management Services, Inc. is equipped to handle maintenance and repairs on these vehicles from our professional and experienced team of mechanics.

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Implement Light Duty Fleet Maintenance For Improved Productivity

Whether you’re getting oil changes or brake checks for your fleet, routine maintenance keeps your vehicles on road and out of the shop!

Fleet Management Services, Inc. provides a suite of services for light duty vehicles that keep your bottom line happy. When you partner with us, you get a competitively priced plan that covers the most basic services to in-depth services that help track maintenance through GPS and others that allow you an open bay priority that gets you in and out in no time.

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For reliable and trusted light duty maintenance and repair services, Fleet Management Services, Inc. has you covered. With three decades in the industry, our prices are affordable and our services go unmatched.

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Maintenance And Repair Services


Whether you hit a curb, or just want to make sure everything is correct, we can align all makes and models of light duty fleet vehicles.

Tire Sales And Installation

We have a great selection of brands and sizes to meet any need you have. And if you’re not sure what’s best, we’ll help you choose the perfect tire for your fleet’s needs.

Accessory Sales And Installation

From alarms and lightbars to lift kits and any mods you want or need, we sell and install them all.

Oil & Filter Change

Choose from both synthetic and conventional motor oils.

Heating + Air Conditioning

We can diagnose and repair faulty heating and cooling in your vehicles. We also provide cabin air filter replacements.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

We have access to the latest manufacturers recommendations on service for your vehicle. We can adhere to (or help create) a maintenance schedule that best suits your vehicles.

Brakes and ABS

Light on? Grinding noise? Don't wait to get brake issues checked out. We’ll ensure your brakes are in top shape.


We offer transmission servicing, repairs, and replacements — we can take care of today's complex transmissions.


From a simple tune-up to complex diagnostics or even complete engine replacement, our techs can handle even the toughest jobs.

Hybrid Services

Our techs are trained on voltage testing, battery conditioning, cable inspection/repair, and standard maintenance services.

Check Engine Light

Our diagnostic equipment can pinpoint the issue of any warning lights you have indicating a problem.

Exhaust + Muffler

From the manifolds to the tailpipe to the catalytic converters and more, we have exhaust repair know-how to care for your fleet.

Windshields And Wipers

Our main windshield and wiper services include new wiper installation, windshield chip repair, and windshield replacement.

Auto Electric

We can service alternators, starters, batteries, and of course, accessories like radios, power windows, or cruise control — if it's wired to your car we can fix it.

Cooling System

We can take care of radiators, belts, hoses, water pumps, fans, and more — there are a lot of components involved to keep running cool.